Indonesian Gay Couple Whipped for Sharia-Banned Sex

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Public Flogging in AcehPublic Flogging in Aceh

Sharia authorities in Banda Aceh on January 28

A gay couple were flogged in Indonesia’s conventional Aceh province Thursday, justice officials said, in a public spectacle berated by human rights teams. The two men were whipped nearly 80 times each for having gay sex, which is forbidden in Aceh province under regional Islamic law. Both, who were not determined, recoiled in pain and also pleaded for the whipping to quit,

as a concealed sharia police officer beat their backs with a rattan stick. The penalty was briefly stopped and the guys, both in their twenties, were permitted a beverage of water before it continued.< img src =""alt= "Public Flogging in Aceh "title= "Public Flogging in Aceh"elevation="car"width=

“car “data-sizes=”( max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px”class=”lazyload wp-image-67771” srcset =” 800w,×169.jpg 300w,×432.jpg 768w “> In Aceh, on the north suggestion of Sumatra island, public flogging is a common punishment for

a series of offenses The mother of one male passed out at the view of her child being whipped.”Islamic sharia enforcement is last, regardless of that it is, and even visitors have to respect neighborhood norms,”public order authorities Heru Triwijanarko told AFP. The males were detained in November at a rental house where a landlord located them half-naked in their area. Gay sex is not prohibited elsewhere in Indonesia and Aceh is the only area in the world’s most significant Muslim country that enforces the Sharia legislation. In Aceh, on the northern pointer of Sumatra island, public flogging is an usual penalty for a variety of offenses that include gambling, alcohol consumption alcohol and


4 others were whipped in between 17 as well as 40 times on the exact same day over accusations they consumed alcohol or consulted with members of the opposite sex. Human rights groups pound public caning as harsh, and also Indonesia’s Head of state Joko Widodo has asked for it to end. It has solid support among Aceh’s populace. The region began utilizing religious law after it was granted special freedom in 2001, an attempt by the central government to quell a long-running separatist insurgency.

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